Project Breakdown

Lantern Thredbo Accommodation
Project Type:
Website Redesign With Genkan API
Business Type:
Short Stay Accommodation Booking
Special Requirements:
Integration with Genkan API | Local business directory
Genkan Creative

Project Details

The Lantern Apartments project was my first major project for Genkan Creative and was ground breaking project for the studio. Prior to this project, Genkan clients only had the choice of a small number of templates for their Websites. With this project we designed and built a brand new, original template that was fully integrated with the Genkan management API.

I was involved in the project from the beginning. I completed a UX audit of customer journeys through the existing booking process. After this I made recommendations for & implemented updates to the process. I designed the UI as well as creating an icon font to be used within this and other Genkan sites & vector icons for the weather widget.

Other Created Elements

Icon font I created for Genkan Creative
Weather Widget Icons
Weather Icons in Use