Expecting a Web form were you?

..and maybe a Google Map?

It’s funny how we expect to see those things on a contact page never asking what point they actually serve. What’s the point in having a Google map if you don’t have a shop front or physical office? Seems obvious but it amazes me how many pointless maps there are out there making pointless requests for pointless data and affecting site load times (pointlessly!)
As for a contact form – clearly they serve a very good purpose, however there are three, very good reasons that you’ll not find one on my ‘folio.

1) I prefer a more personal contact. Isn’t it much nicer to receive an email or message on whichever social media platforms you choose, or even, gods forbid, a phone call, than one of those automated email responses? So, if you want to get in touch, use one of the ways in the column down there and we can catch up for a coffee or, even better, a beer.

Reason 2) There has been a disappointing increase in the number of utter utter unscrupulous bastards making money by spamming web forms. Oh, they may call it something romantic and technological sounding but they’re lowly spammers (yes, I’m looking at you formblasting.com).

Lastly) I’m just a little bit over the standard contact form page design. Contact pages are usually the last things we do, they’re usually done in a rush when the budget for the project is about to run out and for the most part they are uninspiring, and boring. Once I figure out how to improve contact pages I’ll let you know!

To make you feel better about not being able to fill in a form here’s a lovely game to take your mind off of it! Enjoy.

Ways To Contact Me

Without Me Getting Spammed!

#1 - Use the chat tab

I use Zopim Live Chat. I’m not always online but you can leave me a message

#2 - Stalk me on social media

Push the buttons in the footer or search for me by name

#3 - Use this button

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